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Thursday, 27. December 2007 13:09:01, by Choplair.

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Kana no quiz is a little educational tool, simple yet efficient, to memorize the transcription and pronunciation of Japanese kana (hiragana & katakana) in an quick, easy, and flexible fashion.

This program features several ways and many options to either teach the complete beginner or test the wizard skill on kana recognition and pronouncing.

Progressively, a great part of the Japanese writing (excepted Kanji) becomes phoneticaly readable to the foreign student, representing a first step into the learning of the language.

Cross platform

The same package works both on Unix (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD), Windows and Mac OS X using the same GTK+ interface.


Thanks to our contributors, Kana no quiz is currently translated into English, French, German, Portuguese of Brazil, Russian, Serbian and Swedish. Feel free to help that list growing up!

See it in action

Take a look at the screenshot gallery!

Movie of the program in use:


Kana no quiz is free software released under the GNU GPL license.
Kana images are released under the Free Art license. By the way, their sources are available in the SVG format on the CVS deposit.


Current version: 1.9 (2007-09-13). Changelog / Readme.

Click to download the all-in-one Windows installer.
Ortherwise, you can grab source code and packages in multiple formats from our download area on BerliOS.

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Windows users: those third party dependencies aren't required to be priorly installed any longer when using the new all-in-one installer for Kana no quiz.


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