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Sunday, 17. June 2007 08:34:42, by Choplair.

Great emulator + nice GUI:
Neo Geo emulation on Unix made easy!

XGngeo logo. Resized screenshot. Resized screenshot 2.


XGngeo is a full-featured frontend frontend (GUI) written in Python and that uses the PyGTK library to provides toward end users a practical and user-friendly GTK2 interface over GnGeo which is a fast and powerful command line Neo Geo emulator for the GNU/Linux and FreeBSD systems (and may be some other Unices). Both are free/libre software released under the GNU GPL license.

With XGngeo multiple configuration panels, designed in an intuitive way, emulator behaviour can be regulated precisely and easily in the same time (and specificaly for each ROM if desired!); while ROM selection is made simple thanks to a complete list with preview image and various game information, etc.


Current version of XGngeo is translated in the following languages: Brazilian, English, French, German, Polish and Spanish.


Do you want screenshots? Check out the XGngeo's screenshot gallery!


Full documentation (in plain text and PDF format) is included in XGngeo's package.
An HTML version is directly readable online. Then, you can also download the PDF version.


Current release

Last version is: 16 final (2006-09-30). Changelog.

You can grab the source code packages from our download area on BerliOS.

BerliOS Developer logo.


Binary packages for various distributions

Distro XGngeo versionMaintainerMore info
Pardus16Fethi Aymaz
FreeBSD16Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez
Frugalware Linux16Priyank Gosalia
Mandriva16 Penguin Liberation Front (littletux)
Ubuntu16 Achraf cherti

Here is a list of some interesting links ^^.


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