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About us

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Saturday, 20. January 2007 16:04:35, by Choplair.

The Choplair-network, in its present form, is (mainly) an indepedant libre software development crew.


This organization was formely born, in 2003, from the working union between Choplair and Pachilor, after years of strong collaboration on various projetcs.

Initialy, we were both experts in website creation, usualy with dynamic content (using PHP & MySQL). One of our priorities was the accessibility, making standard-conpliant pages (valid XHTML) and using stylesheets (CSS). Actually, we are W3C recommendations gourus! ^_^; We published a list of some of our web realisations.

Thereafter, we evolved into pure computer programming. We now make free/libre softwares, following the principles of the GNU's philosophy. Our programs are mostly written in the Python programming language, though we also have some skills in compilated language such as C/C++. Then, Marie-Claire quickly joined us, performing subsidiary stuffs to coding, such as design & graphical creation, content writing, etc.

This is for the core team, but many other people, from all over the world, also help (or helped) us to improve our programs with their (small or large) contributions. Check the crew page for the complete list of the nice people who have been, in a time or more, involved in the Choplair-network software development process.

Our aim: a global user satisfaction!

We're a team of passionnated, trying to bring the best with our softwares which are designed to be both intuitive (eyes candy interface, localization effort...) and efficient (many options offering a total control) for the targeted desktop end-users (people who are not looking for something buggy/incomplete, but a tool which fits their needs and just works).

The Choplair-network's core members are thus spending a lot of their free time to always in working on and improving their softwares. Following our principles, new versions are then released under free/libre licenses which of course cover the source code, but also the (substantial) documentation and the various multimedia contents (images & sounds) included in our programs, which are often fully done by ourself.

If you enjoy using one of our program on an regular basis and would like to thanks us for the things we already done and motivate our current projects, you may consider making a support donation to the Choplair-network, which would be a nice recognition for our work! :)


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