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Friday, 5. May 2006 22:31:27, by Choplair.

Welcome to the Choplair-network website. We are a programming team making various free sotwares. Here you can get all the lastest version of our programs. We hope you will enjoy our work! ;-)

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Change in the Ubuntu repository hosting XGngeo DEB package(voir l'annonce originale).

Now, for Breezy, you have to put the following lines into your sources.list:

deb breezy main dupdate french
deb ubuntu main dupdate french

For Dapper:

deb dapper main dupdate french
deb ubuntu main dupdate french



Before making a new software release announcement soon, we would like to inform you concerning the recent availabily of an Ubuntu (Breezy & Dapper) DEB package for XGngeo, which thus makes easy the installation of our frontend on this distribution. This packages has been realised by Asher256, who should maintain it when next versions appear.

It is simply available by adding the line deb breezy main dupdate french to your /etc/apt/sources.list file, the updating the package list by entering sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get install xgngeo to get it installed.

Have a look to the XGngeo addition in Asher256's repository original announcement and, more globaly, the website dedicated to that repository where you'll be able to grab the lastest stable versions of some others interesting softwares.


Welcome back everyone, and happy new year!

You should notice it: since the beginning of 2006, we have performed some changes on the website design and, above all, on the way pages content is handled. The Choplair network website is now a wiki (powered by a customized version of Wiclear) which any registered people can edit, for most of the pages.
Moreover, we've left our previous web-hosting, based on a small server owned by a kind friend of ours (Fragnatik, who we thank a lot for his gratitude), and swiched to a professional web-hosting solution, providing higher bandwidth and more reliability (we were victims of hardware issues on Fragnatik's server). By the way, a domain name was offered, so you may also be able to reach our homepage within, while the adress / is of course still valid.
However, website evolution is not the only news. A few days ago, on January 1st, our crew released Kana no quiz version 1.4b, fixing a little error in the 1.4 version, which has been released on mid-December, featuring various bug fixes and additions you can see on its Changelog.

We've got over our past, unwilling idleness, and the crew developement force is optimal back again. Thus, this year should be full of project advancements, with the first next releases available very soon. Just wait and see! ;)

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