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Friday, 14. July 2006 18:53:04, by Choplair.

Welcome to the Choplair-network website. We are a programming team making various free/libre sotwares. Here you can get all the lastest version of our programs. We hope you will enjoy our work! ;-)

This place is a multilingual wiki functionning in a collaborative fashion, which means it is in constant mutation (see the last changes) and may also grow up with your participation. To that purpose, simply register an account!

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Last news


One year exactly after the previous version, the Choplair-network is pleased to announce the immediate release of a beta version for the upcoming XGngeo 16.

Thought it is firstly designed for testing purposes, this release, since the previous version 15, comes with a great bunch of new exciting features which are already stable and widely usable by the end users who want to enjoy the currently best Neo Geo gamming experience ever available on Unix!

Major changes include: support for multiple ROM directories in the ROM list (which now perfectly detects ROMs using GnGeo directory scanning), bunch of new params support (hardware surface, transparancy pack, 68K and Z80 CPUs clocking, new benchmark mode...), full Hot Keys support (independently for the 2 players), universal BIOS support, manual ROM selection now featuring automatic ROM detection and optional display of preview image, etc.

The small things that make this release a beta are the lack of up-to-date internationalization (final release should contains updated translations) and also some little potential bugs you might encounter and are encouraged to be reported to the Choplair-network, in order to prepare the release of a completely fail-safe version 16 of XGngeo as soon as possible!

Interesting links : the whole Changelog, original release announcement, and XGngeo v16 beta download page.


After Kana no quiz some weeks ago, it's now time for XGngeo to have been ported to FreeBSD (it was yet the case of Gngeo, but not its best frontend!). More info available at


I'd just like to inform you about the fresh creation of a mailling list where you are nowencouraged to post any repport, suggestions, help messages, etc. concerning our software and the Choplair-network more globaly.

To get more information and/or proceed to your subscription, see the mailling list page.


We have been told that Kana no quiz has been added to the FreeBSD ports collection! See

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