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Saturday, 25. November 2006 00:30:41, by Choplair.

Welcome to the Choplair-network website. We are a programming team making various free/libre softwares. Here you can get all the lastest version of our programs. We hope you will enjoy our work! ;-)

This place is a multilingual wiki functioning in a collaborative fashion, which means it is in constant mutation (see the last changes) and may also grow up with your participation. To that purpose, simply register an account!

If you have any interrogation, problem, suggestion and so on, you're invited to use the mailling list to get it touch with the Choplair-network's team and user community.

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To change a bit compared to the usual release announcements, let me show you off a nice Choplair-network wallpaper I've just realised (click for a full-size view):

Nice, isn't it? :p

Ok, for the serious things, Kana no quiz version 2.0 and XGngeo 17 are on the way. Just be patient!


Screenshot thumbnail. Ten days ago, the Choplair-network, rather discretly, released Kana no quiz version 1.7!
Transition between past stable 1.5 and future 2.0 releases, this new stable version comes with various changes including:

Check out Kana no quiz's download area for packages in various formats.
Enjoy. :p


XGngeo 16 main window thumbnail. We are happy to announce, since yesterday, the availability of XGngeo v16 final.
A beta version was already released on august, but this new one comes with numerous bug fixes and improvements such as:

You may grab XGngeo 16 from its download area at BerliOS, or have a prior look to the updated screenshot gallery.



Back from a quick period of holliday, I'm just telling that the XGngeo version 16 final development is still actively on the way and its release should occurs soon, with many bug fixes, enhancements, and additions since the previous beta version...
Stay tuned !

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