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Sunday, 18. December 2005 23:36:49, by Choplair.

Welcome to the <b>Choplair-network</b> website. We are a programming team making various free sotwares. Here you can get all the lastest version of our programs. We hope you will enjoy our work! ;-)

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A new Choplair-network crew weblog is now online, reachable from the top menu. There you'll be able to get in touch with our project advancement, day after day (it's still only in French). :p


There is no release for today. Because of external annoyances, we have been obligated to pass through a rather dead period concerning the development of our projects. That situation should get improved in the following days though, and fresh news would be brought thereafter.
Otherwise, during that time, we got aware that certain people were encountering a <b>bug</b> within the current XGngeo version, as they wanted to load a Rom from the list.
We investigated and it appeared to be an abnormal PyGTK behaviour, which does affect some versions of that library. Nevertheless, that problem may be fixed easily and will of course be out of the next XGngeo release.
Anyway, if you are using XGngeo version <b>15</b> and experiencing such an issue, we put online a page explaining the method to fix it up.


We put an eyes-candy HTML version (generated using texi2html) of the current XGngeo documentation directly readable online.

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